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Get information on what to do about unwanted sliders by clicking on its picture.

The red-eared slider is the most popular and available pet turtle in the USA.. Many inexperienced owners don't know they grow to 8-13" and live 30+ years. Many sliders are illegally released into the wild, and are  an invasive species in Maryland. Check out this video from theTurtleRoom.

Currently we are at capacity with red-eared sliders but please check  these alternatives.

Red-eared sliders

The surrender process

Contact the Adoptions Coordinator

Please e-mail Katrina at MATTS Adoptions to start the process.

Required Information

- Species, if known (red-eared slider turtle, painted turtle, box turtle, Russian tortoise, etc.) 
- Size - measure the top shell straight from the front edge to the back edge.
- Picture - If you have a picture we can get the animal posted on Petfinder ASAP.

Helpful information

 Size when purchased or acquired, and where it came from

- How long you've had the turtle
- Your city and state
- How soon do you have to place your pet?
- How is it currently housed? Aquarium size, lighting, food?
- Are there any medical problems?

Before surrendering, have you considered...

- Getting a Python siphon system or upgrading your filter, to make cleaning less hassle?

- Switching to a Sterilite tub or Rubbermaid stock tank to save $$ on a bigger habitat?

- Moving your turtle to a fenced, outdoor pond or enclosure for less maintenance?

- Check out these DIY Habitat Examples

Releasing a pet turtle or tortoise into nature is never the right solution. In addition to potentially spreading disease to native wildlife, it may also be illegal and your animal may contribute to the invasive species problem.


We offer an adoptions program licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to find new homes for unwanted and/or unreleasable pet native turtles. If you are no longer able to be responsible for your pet turtle or tortoise, you can surrender your animal into our adoptions program.

We can't take all turtles all the time, so contact us to see. Here are alternate reptile rescue options. We can also assist you with advice for better care, simplified maintenance, or a different habitat for your Turtle or Tortoise if those concerns are the reason you're considering surrender of your pet. 

Surrendering a turtle or tortoise to MATTS