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Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society

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MATTS is always in need of your item donations. 

Shelving units or gift card to a home improvement store for creating additional foster and storage space. 

​50 to 300 gallon Rubbermaid stock tanks for fostering aquatic turtles.

Bleach for disinfecting enclosures. We have to disinfect each enclosure after every turtle before another turtle can be fostered - andwe find homes for over 100 turtles each year!

Copy paper, paper towels, clear packing tape

Betadine, hydrogen peroxide.

Mulch (ICBIN brand), for our box turtles and tortoises.

Food: Earthworms, superworms, and waxworms for box turtles from http://wormman.com/  Produce such as fruit, sweet potatoes, squashes, and greens, and commercial pellets such as Reptomin for aquatics and boxturtles, and low-protein hay mixes (timothy, orchard, and/or burmuda) or cactus pads for tortoises. Reptomin and Oxboy alfalfa or timothy hay is available in most pet stores. Non-perishable food such as turtle pellets can be mailed to our P.O. Box. Please contact us first if you would like to donate perishable food such as earthworms or produce.

​High-powered filters and/or pumps rated for aquariums and/or ponds from 10 gallons to 250 gallons.. 

Artificial silk plants to make turtles and tortoises feel more secure. They make great hiding places for box turtles, aquatics, and even tortoises. Many turtles and tortoises eat better and just feel better psychologically if they have a place to hide. 

Python siphoning systems (50ft) from http://www.pythonproducts.com/  to help clean enclosures quickly and safely.