.Dedicated to the conservation and care of turtles and tortoises.

Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society

Have turtle emergency? It may take a few days for MATTS to reply. For wild turtles, contact your nearest wildlife rehabber at: https://ahnow.org/#/. Have a pet turtle emergency? Please contact your vet.

We are not currently accepting Red Eared sliders, but you can click here to see helpful alternative solutions.

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Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society

P.O. Box 341
Highland, MD 20777

Board of Directors:

Ray Bosmans - President

Stephanie Kuykendall - VP

Nathalie Rioux - Treasurer (Acting)

Nathalie Rioux - Secretary/Membership

Director at large – Trent Beck
Director at large – Ian Bellayr
Director at large – Susan Mohring
Director at large – Phil Simpson
Director at large – Fred Saylor
Director at large – Echo Uzzo

​Founding Director – Gregory Pokrywka