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When turtles are ailing, some of the first things to consider are temperature, diet, and lighting. If you have a semi-aquatic turtle, water quality is also key.

'Healthcare articles & tips by MATTS' Sandy Barnett, Herpetologist

                                                     - Shell infections: When There are Chinks in the Armor                                                                                                     


                                                      - Entamoeba invadens: The Chelonian Connection

Beak & Claw Care 

The ABC's of Vitamin A

When the End is in Sight: Cloacal  Organ Prolapses in Chelonians

Ear Infections in Chelonians

Treatment for Maggot Infestation

Terrestrial Turtle Troubleshooter

Other useful healthcare resources

 Chelonians - Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection

 Poisonous Plant Database - Cornell University
 Medical Information- Austins Turtle Page

 Health Information - Red Ear Slider website

 Healthcare - Box Turtle Care & Conservation Webpage    

Determining a Healthy Tortoise or Box Turtle Weight - Susan Donoghue


                                                                   - by Dawn WItherington & Jeanette Wyneken                                  

When in doubt about whether your turtle or tortoise needs professional medical care, contact a qualified herp veterinarian. 

Not all veterinarians will see turtles, so you should check with your local reptile society for a qualified vet. This page also has links to herp veterinarians, although MATTS does not verify. A yearly check-up is a good idea and baseline exams on new animals are helpful.. Regular weight checks are suggested.​


If you find an injured wild turtle, please contact an experienced exotic pet veterinarian or licensed wildlife rehabilitator near you.

Healthcare resources

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