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- Substrate made of wood with aromatic oils, like cedar shavings/mulch

- Substrate made from chipped chunks of bark

- Lotions or ointments designed to be rubbed on turtle shells

- Recycled, compacted paper bedding

- "Hot rocks"

- Rabbit pellets

- Glass aquariums when housing box turtles or tortoises


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Things to AVOID

Recommended Products

Appropriate Box Turtle substrate


                ICBIN Mulch                                           Hardwood Mulch


Rubbermaid stock tanks for a large semi-aquatic turtle habitats

(Available in 50, 75, 100, 150, and 300 gallon sizes)

Sterilite  or Rubbermaid totes for juvenile box turtle habitats

There are so many products advertised for reptile housing and care that it can be overwhelming to choose. 

Before bringing a turtle home, spend time planning its habitat or enclosure, and getting items you'll need for its care. Advance planning can prevent costly or dangerous mistakes. Research carefully via respected sources, such as via links on this site, before introducing a product which could be harmful to your pet. Don't assume that everything marketed for use with turtles is automatically a wise, safe choice

Products for your turtle